The Difference Between a Contact Management System and a Customer Relationship Manager.

People often times confuse Contact Management Systems with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Although similar, the two systems are indeed different. In simple terms, the difference lies in the amount of sales representatives an organization has. An organization that has many sales representatives targeting a single job role would normally be using a CRM. This type of an organization has a many-to-many interaction model. In contrast, an organization, which has a sales interaction model of one-to-many, would normally prefer a Contact Management System.

Why Use a Contact Management System?

A contact manager is a software program that allows users to easily store and find contact information, such as telephone numbers, addresses, and names. In other words, a CMS can help businesses overcome the challenges associated with inconsistency and information fragmentation. A contact management software package can greatly enhance the effectiveness of all types of contact interactions. It also can help in regards to: marketing operations, productivity of sales cycles, and service delivery by enabling the creation of reliable, real-time information about both current and prospective customers that, most importantly, is easy to access. Departments within the organization that deal with customers on a daily basis such as sales, marketing, customer service, help desks, etc. are able to collaborate together and coordinate cross-function activities.

How Does it Work at 5Degrees?

With a contact management system, the process of entering the contact's information, storing the contact's information, and retrieving the contact's information is fully automated and entirely consolidated. All customer-facing employees, regardless of their specific role or department, can add; update; and retrieve information through a single, centralized storage place. In sum, this means that any authorized user can more effectively keep track of information about each respective customer such as: name, phone number, company title, mailing address, email address, and other important contact data. In sum, Contact Management software can help all of the authorized workers in an organization by giving them valuable insights into prospective and current clients, so that they can provide them with a more valuable customer experience.