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One of the most challenging aspects of being an effective salesperson today is letting the right amount of “sage, guru advice” into your workflow. Reading about effective strategies employed by experts is one way to boost your own performance. For those of us that are constantly on the road, this control of information is even more effective. If you are not careful, you can be easily overloaded by information on the Web, Twitter, LinkedIn, and and industry specific blogs you may frequent.

The most effective way to address the fire hose of information that you receive on a daily basis is to curate your own information in-take.

What better way to do this than to pick blogs and Twitter feeds to follow based on an objective ranking? Recently, OpenView Labs ranked the top 25 most influential sales leaders on the Web for 2012. They include everyone’s Twitter Handle (which can be remarkably hard to come by), links to their blogs, and short bios on them.

You can read about the top 25 sales leaders on OpenView’s blog.

Are you currently following any of them? If so, who do you find most effective?

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Jeb Ory

Jeb Ory is the CEO and Co-founder of 5Degrees, making Mobile CRM into a simply remarkable Mobile Relationship Manager. 5Degrees is based in Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA. When he's not working, Jeb loves to swim and snowboard. He also loves to travel with his wife, Lea.

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