A Simple Solution

The concept of 5Degrees began while we were searching for a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system to use for a different business altogether.  We just needed a simple way to track potential customers, investors, and suppliers.  And as a small start-up, we didn’t want the cost or complexity of any of the leading CRMs in the market.  We wanted a place to store our contacts where we could track communications, keep notes on the contacts and the communications, and have a way of managing follow-ups so we didn’t miss out on any important interactions that are so critical in building your business.  After searching in vain for months, we finally realized that there was value in solving our CRM problem with a product of our own design since nothing currently available met our needs with an easy and user-friendly interface.

We then embarked on the development of 5Degrees.  With our small business customer in mind, we streamlined the relationship-building process and eliminated all of the non-critical steps to ensure a smooth flow.  One of our main goals was to create a mobile process that allowed you to do the 5 most important steps in establishing a relationship and all within 60 seconds:

1)    Enter Basic Info – Name, email, telephone number
2)    Categorize the Person for Easy Reference – Are they a customer or investor? How did you meet them? We created customizable categories you can set up in advance to save time when meeting a person
3)    Add Personalized Notes – So you never forget important information about someone
4)    Schedule an Email – This was an important feature for us. No one I know wants to get an email from someone they just met minutes after meeting them. However, it’s also easy to forget to do that follow-up email later. So we built an email template that you can quickly customize and then schedule it to go out days later.  Follow-up now; don’t come off as desperate or creepy.
5)    Set a Personal Reminder – Even though you send out a follow-up email, you may need to follow-up on that follow-up email or maybe you need to complete some task for the person you met.  Either way, you can set up a reminder for yourself that will notify you with what you need to do and when.  

We also expanded our scope to include easy methods for bringing contacts you already have into 5Degrees on both mobile and web, so you only have one place to go to manage all of your relationships. That’s how 5Degrees helps make you more efficient, more effective, and ultimately more successful.